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"And the believers, men and women, are protecting friends one of another; they enjoin the right and forbid the wrong, and they establish worship and they pay the poor-due, and they obey Allah and His messenger. As for these, Allah will have mercy on them. Lo! Allah is Mighty, Wise."
~Surah Tawbah, Ayah Seventy-Two

"Meet people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they yearn for your company."
~Ali ibn Abi Talib RadhiAllahuanhu

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Don't judge people"


Allahumma sali'ala sayyiddina Muhammadin wa 'ala alay sayyiddina Muhammadin wa barik wa salim.

Asalamu'alaykum wa Rahmatullah

"Don't judge people." Three short words, one small phrase...(and one stern voice.) I was told this a few years ago, and this was the best piece of advice i had recieved in quite a while. It came from a dear friend, may Allah grant her and her family good in both lives insha'Allah.

Among the many things i have learned from this sister, this is the biggest and by far the one which has had the greatest affect on me. Although i never thought i was judgmental, to some degree i was. This sister, through her friendship with me, through kindess and love taught me never to judge anyone based on their actions for i do not know what is in their hearts, and more importantly i myself have many imperfections. This friend taught me to see the good in people, and if i couldn't even see one good thing in them then i was..hmm how to put it... 'to shutup and sit down' (not her words) because as we know, it is better to be silent than to speak evil. Also becuase what makes me so special that i should see the good in someone, it is up to us to love one another, and Allah will judge us on His own.

Anyhow, so today i realized that, had it not been for this sister to teach me this valuable lesson through her love and kindess, i probably would not have learned it till much later, if i even learned it at all.

So whats the point? Simple: Don't judge people, regardless of what the do or say, look for the good in them and keep your duty to them as a Muslim sister/brother. Love your bretheren Fi'sabilillah, and don't worry about the rest. Insha'Allah Allah will take care of it, afterall He is The Best of All Judges, The Most Knowing, The Most High. Alhamdulillah.

Make duaa for my dear sister who taught me such a vital lesson in life. May Allah grant her and her loves ones more happiness than they can imagine in this life and the next insha'Allah.


Allahumma sali'ala sayyiddina Muhammadin wa 'ala alay sayyiddina Muhammadin wa barik wa salim. Rawdhina billahi Rabba wa bil'islaami deena wa bi'Muhammadin nabiyaa, wa akhirud'duana anil'hamdulillahi rabbil'alameen. Walaykumasalam wa rahmatullah


Blogger mujahidah an nafs said...

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

Jazakallah khaira ukhti for that beautiful post,

May Allah Ta'ala reward your friend with the highest station in jannah. Ameen.


Wassalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

7/4/06 4:55 AM  
Blogger Umm Zahra said...

Assalamualaykum warahmatullah wabarakatu,

Jazaka'Allah khaira for the wonderful post.
May Allah grant your friend and her family janatul firdous. and may He give you more insha'Allah

Please keep me in your duaas
Wassalamualaykum wwarahmatullah

8/4/06 9:46 AM  
Blogger Zain said...

As Salaamu Alaykum,

Jazakallah for that very much needed reminding of judging another person.

Whilst in Darul Uloom we were also taught this very valuable lesson; we were made to realise that what we saw of a person was one side and we could never be sure of the other side, which we could not see; and it could be that due to His other side he would be a beloved of Allah.

Furthermore, we should never hate a person because of his acts, but instead, we should hate the act.

May Allah give us all the correct understanding and the strength and understanding to avoid judging anyone.

Masha Allah, just want to take this chance and say this is a beautiful blog. Masha Allah.

Please remember me in your Duas.


8/4/06 4:53 PM  
Blogger Veiled Knight said...

Walaykumasalam wa Rahmatullah,
Ameen wa thumma ameen to all of the duas.

Sister Mujahidah an Nafs: Waiyaaki, and jazakAlluhkhayra for the duas for my friend.. indeed may Allah raise her and her loved ones to the highest rank insha'Allah...
Keep us in your duaas. [your turn to post]

Sister Umm Zahra: Waiyaaki, and jazakAlluhkhayra for the duas for my friend.. Thanks for stopping by, spread the word if you find us beneficial insha'Allah.

Brother Zain: Wayakum, and JazakAllahkhayr for adding to the post....its true.. hate the sin, NOT the sinner..we can't ever forget we are all servants of Allah.

Keep the duas coming [anyone who reads this] this faqir is always in need of them

Walaykumasalam warahmatullah

8/4/06 6:40 PM  
Anonymous ProjectHaq said...

True say...
Great Post masha'Allah..

May Allah(Swt) reward you and your friend with the best in both worlds.

26/5/06 6:40 AM  
Blogger Veiled Knight said...

Walaykmasalam wa rahmatullah

Ameen, and JazakAllahkhayr.

Masha'Allah good site ( Myself and many others i know have come across it and are extremely happy to see such a site up and running insha'Allah. Alhamdulillah, Project Haq has managed to bring some of the best pieces of Islamic audio out there to the net, available for everyone.

may Allah reward you and all those behind it insha'Allah.

Walaykumasalam wa rahmatullah

26/5/06 8:52 AM  
Anonymous Project Haq said...

Assallamu Alaikum Warahmatullah;

Please do Email us with your Ideas and Suggestions.. We will be working on the content of the site and its structure very soon Insha'Allah..

Wa alaikum assallam.

9/6/06 10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ramadhan Mubarak!

You can now find Project Haq at the link below. A lot of beautiful nasheed on this site in different languages.

The website is currently being developed do dua it is beneficial to many. Jazakallah.

Also do dua it stays in one place!!!

1/9/08 9:30 AM  

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