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"And the believers, men and women, are protecting friends one of another; they enjoin the right and forbid the wrong, and they establish worship and they pay the poor-due, and they obey Allah and His messenger. As for these, Allah will have mercy on them. Lo! Allah is Mighty, Wise."
~Surah Tawbah, Ayah Seventy-Two

"Meet people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they yearn for your company."
~Ali ibn Abi Talib RadhiAllahuanhu

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Best of Companions...


Allahumma sali'ala sayyiddina Muhammadin wa 'ala alay sayyiddina Muhammadin wa barik wa salim.

Asalamualaykum wa Rahmatullah,

Insha'Allah you are in the best of health and imaan.

It is reported by Bukhari and Muslim [rahima'ullah ta'ala] that Rasulullah Sal'Allahu'alayhiwasalam said:

"The best of companions in Allah’s view is the best among them to his companion, and the best of neighbours in Allah’s view is the best among them towards his neighbour."

So what do we understand from this hadith? Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala is pleased when we have good charachter with our friends and neighbors, and in general as you know- Allah is pleased with those who show good character to anyone. Alhamdulillah there are a few things we can take from this hadith but for now let's focus on one aspect, and the next will coem in a later post insha'Allah.

"The best of companions in Allah’s view is the best among them to his companion"

This is quite interesting becuase most likely when we first hear it we sort of shrug it off thinking "Yea I'm nice to my frineds, okay." we might not give this phrase the attention it needs.

More often than not when you befriend someone you're both kind to one another, care for one another and treat one another with respect. Alhamdulillah, indeed when the hadith states the above mentioned phrase it means all that; but when you contemplate about it, you think 'why would that me neccesary to say..isn't it obvious that your friends are people you are good to?" So perhaps the phrase has to mean more?

I'm no muhadith so I'm not trying to give tafsir of the hadith, rather just reminding myself and whoever Allah wills to read this; that being good to our companions/friends to their face is not enough. Your friendship and loyalty to that person doesn't end there.

Being "the best among them to your companion" entails alot..but it's no burden either, Alhamdulillah.

If our friend is sad we should try to make her/him smile and see the positive. If our friend is angry we should not let them become consumed in their fury, we should talk to them, reason with them, and try to help them. If our friend is happy then be happy for them, share their joy. If somethign good happens to our friend, be happy for them and make duaa Allah gives them more insha'Allah. If something bad happens to our friend feel sad for them, we should make duaa for them and not become joyful over their loss. When our friend is not around, praise him/her infront of others so that they may know of his/her piety and goodness. When our friend talks to us we should listen carefully and give them our attention. When your friend is with you make your friend feel as if they are most beloved to you. We should not act with your friend in such ways that they may start to harbor ill feelings towards us. We should try to be friends who bring out the best in others. We should ease the worries of our friends if we can, we should remind them of Allah and they should remind us of Allah, we should be friends for His Sake in this life so that we may strenghten this Ummah. This is a true friend....a true friend does all of the above and much more. Alhamdlillah.

It is narrated in the ahadith that when Rasulullah Sal'Allahualayhiwasalam sat with his companions, radhi'Allahuanhum wa anhuma, and he Sal'Allahualayhiwasalam spoke with them they would feel as if they were the favorite of Rasulullah Sa'Allahualayhiwasalam, this is how special we should treat our companions, insha'Allah.

Indeed everyone slips but what do we do then? We seek refuge in Allah Most High and we ask our friend(s) to forgive us insha'Allah. But let's not make it a habit to be having to seek forgiveness from our friends because we upset them.

Another thing: Thank Allah Az wa Jal, verily without Him these people wouldn't be in our lives.

Alhamdulillahi'Rabbil alamin I have been blessed with a few friends who I can honestly say are true companions, whom I would hope to be re-united with in Jannah insha'Allah. Subhan' words could do them no justice. May Allah give them all the happiness there is to accquire in this life, but most importantly the next insha'Allah.

*On another note: Sister Mujahidah an Nafs, a dear and true friend of mine [Alhamdulillah], recently had a family member pass away, may Allah fill his grave with Nur and grant him ease insha'Allah. Please keep the family in your duaas as well. May Allah give them sabr and ease insha'Allah. Also she is currently in the midst of some important exams, please make duaa for her. May she pass all the exams that she may face in this life and may she be saved from the tests of the hereafter insha'Allah.

May Allah make us of those who are of the best to our companions and raise the ranks of those who are among the best of companions to their friends and give them ease in both lives insha'Allah.

Allahumma sali'ala sayyiddina Muhammadin wa 'ala alay sayyiddina Muhammadin wa barik wa salim. Rawdhina billahi Rabba wa bil'islaami deena wa bi'Muhammadin nabiyaa, wa akhirud'duana anil'hamdulillahi rabbil'alameen.

Walaykumasalam wa rahmatullah


Blogger Card_Maker said...

Salam Sis

A good reminder. I like the way you approached the article. You are right it is something we shrug off, but there is room for improvement.


2/6/06 8:37 AM  
Blogger Veiled Knight said...

Walaykumasalam wa rahmatullah,
JazakiAllahkhayr for stopping by once again and your addition. Very true- indeed there is always room for improvement.

Sister did you ever happen to read the comments on

i'm not sure if you contacted either of us [to give creidt to your sister's work and for more images insha'Allah]. Both our emails have typos in the comments in the previous post, sorry. But again the emails are:

Sister Mujahidah an Nafs:

Me (VeiledKnight):

fell free to contact either of us insha'Allah.

JazakiAllahkhayra, and please do remember us in your duaas.

Walaykumasalam wa rahmatullah

2/6/06 11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"May Allah give them sabr and ease insha'Allah."

Don't say insha'Allaah when making du'aa.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Let not any one of you say, ‘O Allaah, forgive me if You will, O Allaah, have mercy on me if You will.’ Let him be resolute in the matter, whilst knowing that no one can compel Allaah to do anything.” Collected by Al-Bukhaari and Muslim.

4/8/08 4:12 PM  

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